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Levi is a blogger, writer, property consultant, environment expert and researcher. He is passionate about real estate and the environment. Levi’s blog focuses on property, infrastructure, hospitality, location, relocation, facilities and general real estate services.

He provides reliable and trusted e-resources on the property market. More so, the resources vastly cover other major real estate categories; the likes of property designs, interior decorations and general aesthetics. The articles are educational, they come as guides, news and insights to landlords, tenants, real estate agents and other players in the sector.

Levi’s blog connects you with the physical, spiritual, technological, economic, socio-cultural and legal aspects of real estate both in rural, suburban and urban areas. Property news which falls in the trends category is sure to bring you rich, insightful and educating knowledge that will prepare you to decide on how best to interact with and deal with real property. This blog is relevant to both starters, growing and professional real estate dealers and brokers.

The blog is categorized into four parts namely; property, infrastructure, information and trending news. All posts are grouped by their relevance to related real estate issues. The articles are well-researched and written by professionals in the real estate practice.

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