Burglary involves the illegal access to a property, facilities, assets or equipment to steal, carry, dismantle, damage or remove. When a person or people enter, access, or take over a property or assets without authorization at suspicious hours to remove another person’s property, he/she is a burglar.

In this article, we will discuss the subject of burglary proof for protecting Air Conditioners in residential buildings. I hope it will be helpful to you and enable you to keep your facilities and equipment safe.

Burglary Proof

Burglar proof is the metallic objects known as iron or steel bars installed on a part of a residential, commercial or industrial house to protect items, chattels or equipment from being illegally removed, accessed or vandalized.

Keeping the outer part of an air conditioner safe has become burdensome for many property owners due to the incessant theft that occurs mostly at night involving the dismantling of air conditioner parts around a building.

Burglary proofing has become imperative to construct as protection against burglars, it has proven to be effective since thieves may find it difficult to break through and uninstall the air conditioner.

How to Construct Burglary 

Construction or fabrication of iron burglary proof to protect air conditioners requires the forming of a cage-like box to enclose the air conditioner against burglary.

To construct a burglary proof, the following steps should be taken:


Determine materials required for construction and procuring them. The basic materials required to fabricate burglary-proof include rods, tools for cutting iron, a measuring tape, a drill machine, paint (text coat, emulsion, silk etc.), a welding machine and bolts or screws.

Step 2

Determine the measurement of the air condition unit, it is necessary to make allowance for expansion or installation access, let’s say the measurement is 3×2 feet for the air condition protector.

Step 3

Do a draft design of what the iron cage will look like, this will involve ascertaining where the hinge will be, the padlock position and the allowance (space) for air, ease of installation and subsequent maintenance.

Step 4

Cut the iron to a specific length to be joined with the other iron members by heating.

Step 5

Join the cut iron together and weld each frame to fit with other iron members. It should form a cage-like protector.

Step 6

Ensure the iron is properly dried up then install hinges on the opening as well as a padlock hole to enable total protection of the air-conditioners, you can also add a bolt and screw as the case is to forestall each unit from being disjointed or removed.

Step 7

Allow adequate space on top, below and on the sides of the iron cage for ease of installation, removal and maintenance.

Step 8

Use emulsion or silk paint to paint the frames. Preferably black paint should be fine for the protector to bring out the beauty.

Step 9

Allow the burglary proof to dry well, place it on a dry wood under the sun, then prepare for delivery or possible installation at the subject property.

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