Facilities Management

Facilities management is a goal-oriented process aimed at integrating employees, work processes and the workplace into a coherent productive holistic system.

Facility management aims at adopting multi-disciplinary measures towards maintaining the functional, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by properly integrating people, place and processes.

Types of Facility Management

The key types of facilities management are; cleaning, security services and space management.

The elements that facility management deals with include; people, processes and place.

The qualities of a facility manager are; knowledge of basic economics and accounting skills, diligence and thoroughness, ability to absorb and good communication skills.

The major physical areas that facilities management covers include; buildings, infrastructure and land.

Facility management is necessary because it helps to sustain uninterrupted functions of the facilities put in place for human sustenance and development. 

To keep a facility functional, audits have to be carried out frequently. The facility audit involves the evaluation of conditions of capital assets (such as buildings, infrastructure, and fixed and movable equipment) to make an informed decision on the management of the facility.

Who is a Facility Manager?

A facility manager takes care of the daily maintenance, upgrades and safety of the system (people, and infrastructure) in a building or facility.

Facility in itself is a building, piece of equipment or service provided for a particular purpose. For example, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, museums, malls, studios, stadiums, churches etc.

Difference Between Facility Manager and Property Manager

The main role of a property manager is to take care of the owners ‘ property and the associated work while the facilities manager takes care of both the people and the strategic goal of the facility, which is to keep it functional, profitable or useful to the owner.

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