Prepaid Meter

A prepaid meter refers to the smart electronic device owned and installed by an Electricity Distribution Company such as EEDC, IBEDC, IKEDC, EKEDC etc. on the walls or poles within a property for purposes of having access to electricity units bought and inserted by occupants of a property. There are two types of prepaid meters known as Single Phase meters and Three Phase meters;

As the name implies it is a device that enables you to buy electricity units before the electricity supply can be used or enjoyed.

The prepaid meter monitor is the machine used for inserting a recharge Token Number or digits, (for example MOJEC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED), confirming recharge, ascertaining remaining units and other related queries. This is done by inserting specified or provided codes e.g. 003, 001 etc. with the buttons on the machine.

Prepaid Meter Token: A token is a 20-digit code bought from the electricity distribution company to recharge at a property to supply electricity.

Electricity Meter Upgrade

This article is for EEDC, IBEDC, IKEDC, EKEDC, AEDC, BEDC, JEDC, KAEDCO, KEDC, PHEDC and YEDC users and the general public, although may not apply to people on estimated bills.

The electricity distribution companies in Nigeria are in the era of prepaid meter Validation and Upgrade. Hence, many people are finding it difficult to either upgrade or validate their meter numbers, especially as electricity users approach the deadline for meter validation and upgrade nationwide.

For people finding it difficult to load Token numbers, here is the solution:

When you purchase a Token (which usually comes in a printed copy), you will be given 2 numbers known as KCT (Key Change Token), which come as KCT1, and KCT2 and a Token number (20 digits each).

It appears in this order:

Token numbers

KCT1 code

KCT2 code

Are you finding it difficult to recharge your Token after the upgrade?

If you missed out on the recent meter upgrade and validation process, and you are unable to recharge your Token at the first attempt or your meter monitor keeps rejecting your inserted Token, you don’t need to worry. All you are expected is to do the following:

prepaid meter
  1. Insert KCT1 and click the red button on the monitor
  2. Insert the KCT2 as well and press the same red button
  3. Then carefully insert your bought Token numbers and click the red or enter button to recharge and have electricity.

After properly inserting the 40 digits of KCT1 and KCT2 you are sure to receive electricity for your apartment.

How Much is a Prepaid Meter in Nigeria?

There has been an update on the metering. Hence the new approved amount for prepaid are:

Single phase meter – N154, 623.81

Three-phase meter – N88, 123.30

When you buy a prepaid meter you get free units usable by occupants of apartments connected to the meter device.

Installation of the prepaid meter is free of charge, you only pay to have the meter for your property.

I have listed the links to all the Electricity Distribution Companies in Nigeria to ease your queries and search.

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How to Recharge Prepaid Meter?

Loading your prepaid meter token is easy, the following steps will help you recharge your prepaid meter without hassles:

  1. Buy your token from a reliable Electricity Distribution outlet or vendor
  2. After purchase, go home and connect your prepaid meter-monitor or box to your wall socket (make sure there is a power supply at the time of loading). Insert your newly bought Token number into the machine, then push the red or enter button.
  3. The prepaid meter monitor will display “Accepted” and a red or green light will come up (this depends on the amount recharged).
  4. Your electricity supply will come up almost immediately
  5. If your token is rejected, kindly contact the nearest electricity distribution company office to lay a complaint

How to Check Prepaid Meter Balance?

To check your prepaid meter balance, insert the code 009 into the monitor and your credit balance will display.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am trying to recharge my light but on entering the token it keeps showing “reject” I have validated my light account, what should I do?


Enter your meter number first and press enter

Followed by the KCT1 token and pressing enter

Followed by the KCT2 token and pressing enter

Then, put your TOKEN and press enter


How can I get the KCT1 and KCT2 tokens?


The customer should click on this link Open the link and enter your meter number to get the KCT1 and KCT2 details.


How does KCT1 and KCT2 work?


If you upgrade your meter, the first recharge you will be given is 3 tokens, you will enter the first, second and third one which is the main token.

The first 20 digits (KCT1) is to reset the meter, while the second 20 digits (KCT2) is to upgrade the meter and the third 20 digits (energy token) is to enable you to recharge the meter and complete the upgrade process.


What is the prepaid meter upgrade portal?


Still, finding it difficult to recharge? contact me

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