How to Maintain A Property to be Functional

The proper way to maintain a property to be functional is to ensure that the correct property maintenance strategy is adopted and applied.

Property maintenance is an action taken to keep a building in its best functional and physical state for a long period to fulfil the purpose for which it was built.

Building maintenance involves the application of viable strategies that fit into the type or classification of property involved.

There are 4 known strategies for maintaining properties property to be functional: preventive strategy, predictive strategy, corrective strategy and reactive strategy. These four maintenance approaches become effective when properly applied to buildings.

Preventive Strategy 

This is adjudged the best approach. It involves a planned structure to monitor, test and detect building components to identify potential damage or problems that are likely to occur if not taken care of and corrected immediately. This strategy is very useful in the maintenance of high-rise buildings, special-purpose buildings and public facilities.

Corrective Strategy

This involves steps taken to overturn an existing damage or property defect to stop it from exacerbating into a bigger problem. This strategy is very helpful for property issues not detected on time; it requires a quick response, particularly for serviced apartments and other commercial buildings with high-tech facilities and equipment.

Predictive Strategy

This is likened to preventive strategy as it involves conscious effort on the likelihood of a building facility underperforming and adopting proactive measures like servicing facilities in the building, replacement of weak building members or total renovation of same. This approach involves the engagement of professionals in the built industry for forensic attention.

Reactive Strategy

This helps property managers of less sophisticated buildings such as tenement houses, bungalows, blocks of flats and terraced apartments to respond to building faults and damages. This usually costs more depending on the extent of repairs to be done; it’s an immediate response to faults that occur in the building

“Every property owner is supposed to engage the services of experienced property managers

components from time to time. This however is not the best approach in maintaining buildings as it happens only when the faults occur and damage is done.

Routine-Maintenance Strategy

It involves daily checks and fixes. That is, an expert is engaged to do daily checks on the building, report potential faults and periodically fix the bad components or facilities without having to wait for so long or delayed approval before executing repairs.

Adopting either of the above methods would improve the condition of buildings while enhancing the buildings’ life span. Every property owner is supposed to engage the services of experienced property managers to enhance the economic and functional useful life of the building for a substantial period before carrying out any major repairs.

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