One Room Self Contain Design in Nigeria

One-room self-contain also known as one-room apartments, of course, come in different sizes … For some, it is about 20 squares, and for others -50 or more, but in any case they require conciseness. It is unlikely that heavy wooden cabinets or huge sofas, numerous draperies or lush frills on the curtains are appropriate in such a room. All this requires space, which a small, and even more so small-sized, one-room apartment simply cannot provide.

When decorating a one-room self-contained, try to use a minimum of furniture and accessories because of the size.

The ideal style for decoration of one room self-contained would be directions in which the lines are strict and clear, without an abundance of trifles. This is mainly minimalism, high-tech and simple traditional designs.

Since small apartments are mostly bought by young people – singles or young couples without children – they, as a rule, are satisfied with these designs. For creative people, it may be interesting to be Art Deco, but more conservative, perhaps closer to the classics. But the classic in its purest expression still requires more space than a one-room apartment, although some of its elements successfully fit into small spaces.

The most winning colours in any small room design are light ones. The one-room apartment is no exception. Both walls and furniture use light colours. If you want dark furniture, the walls, floors and textiles should be very light. When developing the color scheme, you can use the standard palette of matching colors, just select those palettes in which light tones prevail and use them as the main ones, more saturated colors will go as accents.

One Room Self Contain Design in Nigeria
One Room Self Contain Design in Nigeria

Colour Selection for Designing and Decorating One Room Self-Contain

Colour selection in one one-room self-contained apartment is very important to bring out the internal beauty of the apartment. You can choose a win-win colour combination yourself. Now the task is to find finishing materials of the required color and also to think about what and where to place them.

Deciding on gamma isn’t everything. Still need to think about the layout. Not to “move the walls”, but in this sense – to keep some space. You need to start, perhaps, with setting up the bed. There are two options – a folding sofa bed or a standard bed.

Let’s start with a more difficult question: where to put the bed in a one-room apartment. Some people want to leave it in sight because on vacation you want solitude and privacy. If the area allows, put up drywall partitions. the bed can be closed only partially – so as not to divide the room, but this is already enough: the feeling of a separate corner has already been created.

A small partition does not divide the space but creates a separate corner for relaxation.

A variation of this method is to install furniture that covers the bed. It can be a bookcase, shelf etc.

We decorate the recreation area with a rack or cabinet If possible, a part of the room is separated, creating a separate bedroom. This can be done with sliding doors. If the doors interfere too much, you can hang curtains – filament or wooden blinds if necessary.

If the area is very small, but the ceilings are high (at least 2.7 meters), then in order not to share a small room, the bed can be arranged in layers such that the ground layer could accommodate small tables while the bed stay elevated, by so doing more space is secured to move around in the room.

One Room Self Contain Design in Nigeria
Managing space in a room self-contain apartment

In stages, you can also make boxes to store things. A way to save space in a one-room apartment for young people.

Another non-standard solution is to install a growing bed. During the day, it resembles an ordinary closet, and in the evening it folds down and becomes a bed. An interesting and practical solution that solves several problems at once. Moreover, today there is more than one choice – there are different systems and types, and domestic manufacturers have also appeared.

Picture of folding bed

Picture of folding beds

The second difficult question to solve when developing the design of a one-room self-contained apartment is how and where to organize the workplace. If earlier it was relevant for students and people of certain professions (teachers, for example), today you cannot do without a working area: you need to put a computer or laptop somewhere.

First Option. 

We expand the window sill. If you approach the matter correctly – put a wide window sill-tabletop and pick up a high chair or chair – it will turn out easily.

If you expand the window sill, it will be a laptop.

Second Option. 

Organize the second floor. If the ceiling in the apartment is 270 cm or more, this is possible. For example, as in the photo “Picture of suspended bed”

The most economical option is to combine the workplace and bedroom. How? Make a podium, have a workplace on it, and below it have a bed that moves on wheels.

The bed coming out from under the podium is one of the non-standard solutions

More traditional can be considered tabletop dropping and rising – folding parts of the table. This technology has been known for a long time and is widely used.

A sliding countertop is already a classic move in the battle for free space.

There are practical solutions that can be implemented if the furniture is made to order: you can design it so that part of the tabletop hangs over lower details. Shelves can be placed on top. Convenient and practical. The table top hanging over other elements of furniture does not interfere, and space is saved. The classic design of a one-room apartment also allows such a trick.

Once you’ve figured out where the bed and work area will be, you can start arranging the rest of the furniture. You need a closet – you need to store clothes somewhere. It would be nice to have a sofa or at least one or two armchairs, and a coffee table next to them wouldn’t hurt.

Be sure to plan your small one-room self-contained apartment to accommodate the furniture (cabinet), if conditions permit, make the cabinet built-in. This could be everything – from an ironing board to dropping baskets, to shelves falling from the ceiling, to spinning boxes. All this allows you to utilize every centimetre of volume up to the ceiling. 

But all these systems are not cheap. And so much so that a filling can be almost more expensive than the body itself. Here everyone decides for himself whether he needs it or not. But even a built-in wardrobe with simple shelves and drawers is already a few square meters plus. Why? Because his doors are sliding, and he still uses the space better than usual.

If there is a built-in wardrobe, order doors, if finances allow, with mirror inserts – they will increase the space due to reflection. If the glass is too expensive then make the doors light and shiny. The reason is the same: it makes the room visually larger.

Sliding wardrobe
One Room Self Contain Design in Nigeria

The sliding wardrobe holds a lot of things, and due to the reflection, it also expands the space. There should be a lot of light, and it should be zoned. This means that in addition to the general lighting on the ceiling, it would be great to install lamps above the bed, in the work area, near the sofa, etc. As a rule, overhead lights are rarely used, more often they turn on local lighting. 

It is more comfortable, and it gives the impression of a larger space – you are in an illuminated enclosure, and behind it there is semi-darkness and the walls are almost invisible, lights should be put in the rooms in different colours to brighten and give the room some beautiful looks.

Another way to expand the boundaries with lighting is to create a luminous ceiling. Gloss can be just the icing, not only does a completely glossy ceiling delight, but its elements differentiate the space. 

It is also not worth overloading it with details, but well-defined areas and appropriate lighting can give a sound to the entire interior.

The design of a one-room apartment in Nigeria can wow your guests even from a distance. Every apartment deserves to be beautifully designed to add prestige and social class, particularly amongst the younger ones or newly wedded without kids. 

Irrespective of how small the room looks when properly designed and arranged, the room will look spacious and attractive to live in.

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