Duplex House

Duplex house, which means a two-storey house, generally applies to detached houses and villas, as well as two-story apartments. 

The general layout of duplex flats is such that there are common areas such as the living room, kitchen and a room on the first floor, where the main entrance is located, and the bedroom, bathroom and terrace on the upper floor. In apartment buildings, especially in duplex apartments preferred by large families, floors are connected by stairs. Duplex flats have different options according to different design preferences. 

Duplex House
Beautiful Duplex House

Types of Duplex House

Duplex houses are divided into types according to their construction method. These; are standard duplexes, reverse duplexes, roof duplexes and garden duplexes.

Standard Duplex:

These types of duplexes are the two-storey house types we are used to. When such duplexes are built in apartments, the top floor and the lower floor of the apartment are usually reserved for duplex flats. In detached houses, the entrance floor is given from the first floor. In this type of duplex, the lower floor is generally used for the living room and kitchen, while the second floor is reserved for bedrooms.

Reverse Duplex:

Reverse duplexes are generally used in duplexes on lower floors. In this type of duplex, the first floor overlooks a garden. The upper floor becomes the sunnier middle floor. In this type of flat, bedrooms are usually on the ground floor, while common areas such as the kitchen and living room are on the second floor. The biggest advantage of this type of duplex is that heating is very easy.

Roof Duplex:

Although penthouse duplexes are two-storey structures, they are different from standard duplexes. The second floor of this type of duplex is in the form of a penthouse. The floors are again connected by staircases, but these types of houses are smaller than standard duplexes. While there is a bedroom and a terrace on the second floor, that is, the attic, there is a kitchen and a living room on the lower floor. These types of houses are generally useful for small families or single people.

Garden Duplex:

Garden duplexes are more similar to reverse duplexes in terms of the layout of the house. The entrance to these houses is from the upper floor. The lower floor opens to the garden and the living room is usually located in this part. The upper floor, which is the ground floor, is reserved for bedrooms, wet floors and the kitchen.

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