How Sullivan Chime Contributed to Real Estate Expansion

Commercial activities in the Enugu metropolis experienced limelight during Sullivan Chime’s regime which brought in top-notch infrastructural facilities in the state; his outstanding performance introduced innovations and groundbreaking initiatives that led to physical improvement of the state such as the construction of good road networks connecting neighbourhoods, beautification of the metropolis including sound security structure, water and stable electricity supply across the metropolis.

In 2011 massive infrastructural facilities led to the establishment of businesses in the Enugu metropolis; the outburst of business influenced the rental values of shops, offices and showrooms, particularly within the Central Business District (CBD) of the state.

Enugu metropolis
Enugu metropolis

Also, between 2012 to 2014 several residential properties along the roads of areas like Ziks Avenue, New Haven, and Independence Layout among others were let out to corporate tenants because of the increased demand for commercial accommodations. Residential properties also experienced high rent reviews yet demand for them did not fall.

The infrastructures provided at major roads and streets of Enugu metropolis ushered a new dimension in the real estate sector which not only increased the turnover on rent but posed a variety of management challenges on the property owners.

Since 2012 till date, the Enugu metropolis has continued to experience a rapid increase in the number of residential and commercial properties, however, the emerging challenges associated with real property management forced a lot of property owners to outsource the management of their properties to Estate Surveyors and Valuers who manage their buildings on their behalf.

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