The House Agent Deceived Me!

The House Agent Deceived Me into Believing the Property Had a Water Supply

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When I moved into my current apartment at Independence Layout, Enugu, the agent that got me the accommodation assured me that there was water in the premises, it’s already been three months and there’s no sign of water anywhere.

In the first place, why would you believe what an agent told you concerning a house you’ve not moved into without verifying first-hand?

For years Enugu state has had to deal with the challenges of water scarcity, caused partly by the failure of the state government to tackle the water issues squarely since inception only to allow the problem to degenerate into what it is now, other hand, it is the lackadaisical attitude of the staff of Enugu State Water Corporation that has exacerbated the water dilemma in the state.

Enugu Urban as a whole finds it difficult to get drinkable borehole water, particularly between November to January of any given year. Hence, if you must put down water as a requirement for accepting an apartment, then you have to do a thorough investigation to confirm that there is enough water in the property before paying the rent. If at you manage to get water in any part of the state, there is a high chance of it drying up in the dry season.

So, take your mind off “I need a house that has constant water supply”. I would rather you ask questions like “Does the property have at least a shadow well to serve in the rainy season so that I can save up to buy water from water tankers in the dry season”.

There are some parts of Enugu urban that see water, I mean areas that can easily get water from deep wells and or boreholes, these areas are Achara Layout, Awkunanaw, One-Day neighbourhood, Agbani Road etc. at Enugu South, Abakpa Nike, Trans Ekulu, New G.R.A, Emene etc at Enugu East and Ogui New Layout, Obiagu, New Haven, G.R.A., etc at Enugu North. This is not to say that the water supply is all year round, just that well water is possible and the public water supply (Enugu State Water Corporation) runs in the areas occasionally.

Generally speaking, do not expect too much from Enugu Urban on matters related to water from wells or boreholes. Hence, avoid the gimmicks of roadside agents just to make you pay for an apartment and later regret it. Unfortunately, the moment you pay for the said apartment and settle the agents, you literally hear nothing from them again nor will you see them around. Whatever problem you encounter in the property afterwards becomes yours to deal with.

I hope this was helpful.

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