Land Sizes in Nigeria | How to Identify a Plot of Land

Professionally, there is no general standard plot of land, this is because different areas or states in Nigeria have what they refer to as a plot of land, and this is usually measured in numbers. What represents a plot in Port Harcourt may not be the same for lands in Lagos and other parts of the country. Even within a state, the sizes of land vary, depending on the use, nature and density of the area.

In this article, we will discuss the various sizes of land in Nigeria, before then let’s read Mr. Marcus’s story.

“I recently purchased a plot of property in Ibadan; the vendor, who also happened to be a family acquaintance, informed me that the plot is 626 square meters in size. A survey plan bearing his name was given to me before payment, the survey has 626 square meters as the land size, so I was convinced and decided to buy the plot. Sadly, two years after purchase due to hardship and my mother’s ailment, I decided to resell the parcel to another person at a higher price, the buyer then brought in his land surveyor to confirm the plot size, and to our greatest surprise the plot measured 432 square meters, I felt embarrassed and ashamed, I couldn’t mutter a word out of shame, the buyer felt I tried to rip him off, he stroke out the deal and stopped taking my calls, right now I don’t know what to do. My main worry now is that I was highly recommended to the buyer by my immediate boss who regards me as a saint, I’m confused. Should I go after my friend who sold the land to me two years ago, or do I just overlook everything and get on with my life”?

To Mr Marcus, your mistake was not using the services of your own land surveyor to confirm the plot size. It’s possible the 626 square meters was erroneously written, or the seller used a quack or a pupil land surveyor for the Survey plan.

From your ordeal, you did not mention that you did a search or verification on the land title and ownership of the land.

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Taking personal measurements is something you could even do yourself if you are familiar with the Google Earth app on your mobile device or using a measuring tape. Now that the deed is done, you have to move on. The land is now yours, if you actually want to sell, then hire the services of a qualified Estate Surveyor and Valuer to value the land and advise you on the best price to sell, in the course of carrying out their valuation, measurement will be done, from which you will now know the actual size of your parcel of land. Remember that the values for land depend on the location of the land, hence it’s possible to sell the same plot at a higher price than you told your initial buyer if the land is located in a prime neighbourhood. Worse still, small adjustments can be made to the price to quickly dispose of it and solve your personal problems.

Also, if you wish you can report the surveyor that carried out that poor job to the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS) or sue the seller for misleading, as a form of seeking redress.

Again, send a text to your own buyer, apologize to him and explain what transpired, I am sure he will understand and reconsider, only that he might end up renegotiating the offer price downwards.

Land Sizes in Nigeria

**A plot is commonly referred to as 50 by 100 which represents 15m x 30m which is about 450 square meters. In some parts of Nigeria, a plot is seen as any parcel of land whose size falls between 500 and 600 square meters and above.  

The most common units of land measurement in Nigeria are:

  1. Hectares
  2. Acres
  3. Plots  

Hectares (ha): A hectare which is usually represented as “ha” is a metric unit of land measurement in Nigeria. 10,000 square metres or 2.47105 acres makes 1 hectare (ha).

Acres: An acre is a metric unit for land measurement, these measures approximately 4,046.86 square metres.

Plots: Plot sizes in Nigeria can range from 50 feet by 100 feet (about 450 square meters) to 60 feet by 120 feet (around 648 square meters), 100 feet by 100 feet (roughly 900 square meters), and larger. Notably, plot sizes in Nigeria vary from 450 square meters to 520 square meters, 600 square meters, 648 square meters, and in certain neighbourhoods, up to 900 square meters.

NB: 50ft by 50ft measures approximately 225 sqm which is half plot.

Square Meters: Lands in Nigeria are mostly measured in square meters, it has proven to be the best way of measuring. This is done by the use of measuring tape or other measuring devices or tools.

Difference Between Hectare, Acre, and Plot

A hectare is made up of about two and a half acres of land. (Approximately 2.471 acres).An acre is about 0.405 hectareA plot is usually one unit of a parcel of land measuring between 450sqm to 900sqm
It is used for large farming in rural areas e.g. plantation cultivation.An acre is made up of 6 plots combined.Plots of land are measured based on the metrics of a particular area.
 It is about the size of a football field 
It is used for building large structures such as malls, mini estates, purpose-built propertiesThis is used for building a single-family houseA hectare comprises about two and a half acres of land. (Approximately 2.471 acres).

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