Education Buildings

Educational buildings are purpose-built houses developed specifically for educational purposes. These buildings come in their unique or specialized designs and concepts that fit into the use. They are not like the traditional buildings. Examples of educational buildings are; universities, colleges, schools, training and vocational centers. The buildings can serve as teaching centres, academic administration halls or offices. The buildings make learning easy, interesting and interactive.

See photos of educational buildings below.

University Lecture Hall

Lecture halls are used for receiving lectures and taking exams.


This is where students do academic research, it is best for studying and class group interactions.

Staff Room

Staff rooms are the offices of academic or non-academic staff of a college.

Admin block

This is the building where the University’s administrative activities take place, it’s where the school’s decisions are made or approved.

College Auditorium

The college auditorium is where students and lecturers converge to meet or interact.


Laboratories are for practical courses and experimenting.

Senate Building

A university senate building is a facility where rules and regulations are promulgated to be obeyed by students and staff. It also serves as a disciplinary centre for settling disputes.

Vocational building

These are venues for improving or learning new skills and innovations within the University premises.

ICT Training Building

ICT training building helps to develop tech skills in students, particularly for computer-related courses.

Faculty Offices

The academic and non-academic staff of a University make use of the faculty building to prepare lesson notes, mark scripts and perform other administrative roles.

Common Rooms/Study Areas

These are quiet areas within the Campus where students go to study. It is usually quieter and less crowded than the main library.

Computer Room

Students use the computer rooms to access e-materials for their lectures, research, assignments or practicals.

Practice Workshops

Students in more practical courses such as material and metallurgical engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, civil engineering etc. make use of the workshops during coursework or projects.

Student Canteen

Canteens are venues where students buy and have their meals. This is most common in the private Universities.

Conference Rooms

The conference rooms are used for having board meetings. It is mostly used by the school management or students Union Government.

Technology/Solar Inverter Room

These are technologies used for converting sunlight into electricity in the school premises, it is used to electrify the street lights and power most of the facilities used in the day-to-day activities of the school.

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