The Role of Fire Fighting Services in Protecting Property

firefighting services is a government agency that is responsible for the prevention of fire outbreaks and other related emergencies, It was created to ensure the safety of properties along with the residents by quenching, controlling and preventing fire disasters from spreading and causing any form of destruction or fire hazards which could either be man-made or an act of God.

The role of firefighters in property maintenance cannot be over-emphasized. The protection of property from fire outbreak saves property owners a whole chunk of money that would have been used for rebuilding a destroyed building or renovating partly burnt properties if gutted by fire. Because of the aftermath of fire disasters on buildings and investments, people are always keen on security and protective measures for curtailing or managing fire incidents.

The Federal Fire Services in Nigeria regulates and commands the activities of the other firefighting stations across the thirty-six states of the federation. They are daily supplied with sophisticated equipment/appliances for combating fire at any point in time as well as trained to properly engage with the general public on fire-related topics. Special toll-free codes and telephone numbers are available to the public during fire emergencies. It is sad to say that most times, the telephone numbers displayed don’t go through and even when it rings the daily traffic on the line might hamper proper reporting of fire issues that require immediate attention and response.

It is reported that the response rate of the firefighting services is commendable in some states in Nigeria, especially in urban settings. On the whole, the public needs to get familiar with the emergency contacts of firefighters, particularly the ones that are peculiar to one’s location of residence or operation.

Contacts of the Federal firefighting services you need to have:


Emergency phone number: +2348032003557

Toll-Free Emergency Number: 112

Address: Federal Fire Service, Mohammadu Buhari Way, Area 10, Garki, FCT-Abuja



There are about 13 firefighting service commands in various corners of the nation and the 36 states of the federation have good representation

Roles that the Nigerian Fire Service plays to protect landed Property and lives and Improve Manpower

  1. Assessment of fire risks in buildings to confirm that the walls are built to standards to resist the effect of fire.
  2. The Fire Service Department are responsible for enforcing fire safety regulations in buildings
  3. They regularly inspect buildings at various construction sites in order to ensure compliance with safety designs.
  4. Educating the general public on fire safety awareness
  5. Building human capacity in fire management courses
  6. Preparing and publishing situation reports on fire-related issues across the nation.
  7. The fire service team issues fire certificates periodically to deserving organizations and individuals after training them on fire fighting and resistance.
  8. They are responsible for registering private fire outfits to fill the deficiency gaps in firefighting manpower nationwide.

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Download the free NISPSAS App for fire emergencies here

Zonal Commands of the Federal Fire Service

Benue State, Nassarawa State and Plateau State fall under Zone A

Kano state, Katsina state, Jigawa state and Kaduna state fall under Zone B

Bauch state, Yobe state and Borno state are under Zone C

Akwa Ibom state, Cross rivers state, and Rivers state are in Zone E

Lagos State, Ogun State and Oyo State fall under Zone F

Fire Station Emergency Numbers in Nigeria

Location(s)Emergency Number(s)
Lagos State: 
Ikeja+2348033219746 +2348150901971 +2348150901972
Agege+2347028338981 +2348150902009 +2348150902010
Isolo+2347028255641 +2348150901982 +2348150901983
Ikorodu+2348032220495 +2347028338992 +2348150901926
Epe+2347057259914 +2348150901934 +2348150901935
Badagry+2348033817515 +2348150901945 +2348150901946
Ilupeju+2347028255642 +2348150901973 +2348150901974
Eti-Osa+2347063393241 +2348191109874 +2348150901964
Ikotun+2347063393240 +2348191109879
Iganmu+2347028338984 +2348067026444 +2348150901924
Ojo+2347063393242 +2348191109877 +2348150901928
Onikan+2347090584013 +2348150901952 +2348150901953
Oyo State: 
New Gbagi+2347067798919
Ekiti State: 
Ado Ekiti+2347069582302 +2348035785164 +2348057651977
Ikere Ekiti+2347069582359
Ikole Ekiti+2347069582273 +2348057651948
Ondo State:+2348054353501 +2348068439223 +2348160866690
Osun State:+2348059178910 +2348030779807
Oke-fia, Oshogbo+2348084800498 +2347033390553
Ile Ife+2348032098393 +2348066438441 +2348056358252
Ilesha+2348039440354 +2348052318259 +2348072277068
Ogun State:+2348035692904
Abia State: 
Aba+2348039344832 +2348096001819
Imo State:+2348032003557
Okigwe+2348080138999 +2347034276337
Anambra State: 
Agu Awka+2349077044410 +2349077411503
Amawbia+2349077744072 +2340708187775
Government House+2349077744099
Ogidi+2349077744390 +2348086630033
Okpoko (Ogbaru)+2349077744515 +2348060706265
Onitsha+2349077744547 +2347081877770
Nkpor/Umuoji Road+2349077744685
Enugu State:+2348022474316 +2347065409291 +2348088073080 +2347056530330
Ebonyi State:+2348032003557
Rivers State:+2347031522199 +2347069367433
Edo State:+2348024904706
Akwa Ibom State:+2349153143381
Bayelsa State:+2348138703762 +2348032003557
Delta State:+2348038085682
Cross River State:+2348032003557 +2348064028394
FCT-Abuja:+2348032003557 +2348032003112 +2348032003122
Nassarawa State:+2348130652025 +2347030158046 +2348039669127 (123) 456-7897
Kogi State:+2347055651955 +2348067289939
Benue State:+2348062105081
Plateau State:+2348067230888 +2347061777747
Kwara State :+2348030419316 +2348107622464 +23408022415800 +2348025896740 +2348030419316
Adamawa State:+234 75-624066
Taraba State:+2348032003557
Borno State:+2348061287455 +2348028505257 +234 76-231213
Zamfara State:+2348093964832
Kano State:+2348098822631 +2348107888878 +2347026026400 +2347051246833 +2348098822631
Kaduna State:+2347069751944 +2348034051316
Katsina State:+2347066872588

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