Fumigation, Way to Keep the House Free From Reptiles

The home should be kept clean, tidy and healthy away from the habitation of harmful reptiles which could put fear in residents. When bushes are allowed to overgrow in a premise, it gives way to the breeding of mosquitoes, habitation of rodents and harmful reptiles. Hence, consistent cleaning and environmental sanitation is one good way of keeping occupants safe, more so, if a property owner sets aside budgets for periodic fumigation of the premises.

One thing that fumigation does is to kill or chase out rodents from the house, rodents are major causes of building and property destruction, the infestation of rats in a house for example will cause the house to deteriorate much faster as a result of dug holes on the wall, destruction of property’s fittings, furniture and equipment.

Fumigation is necessary to improve the health of tenants and even the landlord. Children are vulnerable and likely to develop all kinds of illnesses or contract diseases in a dirty environment. Environmental issues should be handled with all seriousness and urgency, particularly in the rural areas where the multitude of dependents such as children and the aged is mind-blowing. It is easy to fall ill in an unkempt environment.

Landlords should endeavour to make every tenant invest in keeping their immediate surroundings super clean for the health of their young ones, this can be possible when sanitation and fumigation issues are discussed in tenant-landlord meetings and contributions are made to procure the necessary tools for fumigation.

Another way to enforce the idea of fumigation in the scheme of things is to include it in the service charge contributions made monthly or annually by tenants so that the premises can be kept and remain safe for humans.

 I’ve come across landlords who expressed their fears of being bitten by snakes on their premises, they confessed that fumigation has never been on their schedule since time immemorial and that similar complaints from residents of neighbouring properties show that snakes slither freely around the neighbourhood at night and sometimes in broad daylight which has put them in a state of fear as well as brought their attention to the relevance of fumigation.

There have also been incidences where tenants die of snake bites, the problem isn’t even about the snakes biting people, it’s how many snakes are around. This is usually down to uncertainties until a proper action to fumigate the surroundings is set in motion. 

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