Latest Houses in Nigeria

Latest houses in Nigeria: Nigeria houses are built based on the demand of residents of a particular neighbourhood or city, it is the demand that boosts the supply of houses in Nigeria.

This means that when the demand for flats in a particular area is high, real estate developers tend to build more flats to meet the demand of the people, sometimes deficits of a particular type of property could influence the decisions of property owners to either redevelop existing structures or convert their buildings to the property type that is on high demand.

An increase in the demand for a particular type of property will have a ripple effect on the supply of that type of house. The types of houses built in Nigeria usually follow a line of building patterns for a given neighbourhood.

For example, duplexes and terrace houses are usually built in medium-density areas, bungalows and mansions are built in low-density areas while tenement houses, self-contained apartments and make-shifts are mostly in high-density neighbourhoods. This is to enable the housing types to match the layout designs and specifications. Buildings around the airports are usually not more than a floor, at most two floors.

This article is focused on listing the major housing types in Nigeria;

Mud Houses/Huts:

These are houses built with clay and water in combination with leaves and tree branches. They are mostly found in rural communities and a few urban slum areas. The occupants are more farmers and fishermen. It is the easiest and poorest type of accommodation in Nigeria.

Thatched Houses/Shanties:

These are houses built with dry leaves or plants such as reed, palm branches, heather, straws etc. It is built from natural plants with other native components.

Makeshift Houses:

These are temporary houses built with cheap materials to shelter people from the scorching sunlight and heavy downpours. It is a type of house that can easily be dismantled and relocated to another location when the need arises.

Self-Contain Apartment:

This is best described as a room with its own toilet, bath and kitchenette for the use of the occupant or owner.


Bungalows are buildings on one floor (ground floor) only. It is usually in three or four bedrooms and either occupied by a single family or a group of people from different ethnic dispensations. Bungalows are cheap to build and occupy a small portion of a land area.

Block of Flats:

These are large buildings with several apartments or units with in-built facilities separated from each other by a party wall also known as a separation wall. It can be for residential or commercial use or a combination of both uses.


These are buildings on two wings (right and left) with similar inbuilt facilities and units such as bedrooms, dining areas, kitchens, living rooms, guest rooms, private lounge, library, box rooms, toilet facilities, garage, chalet etc. for each wing. The building shares the same premises though could be separated by a dwarf fence at the centre. The entrance could be the same or separated, but access to each wing is usually separated and private.

Terrace Houses:

Terrace houses are identical buildings on a single row separated by a common wall on both sides. They are usually built as bungalows or duplexes between three to eight units on a single row and are more residential in most cases.


Mansions are high-quality quality sophisticated stand-alone houses with two or more floors with all required household facilities, many luxury rooms, bathrooms/toilet facilities and expensive living rooms and lounges for visitors. They are specially designed buildings for a single rich family and are mostly located in very reserved low-density neighbourhoods in the best part of an urban area.

High-rise Buildings:

High-rise buildings are houses built on a minimum of seven floors along with inbuilt hi-tech facilities and equipment for their daily operation,  Read more

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