How to Find Cheap Hotels Around Me

Hotels Around Me: Finding cheap hotels around may not be an easy task if one is not properly guided or directed to the hotels. Newcomers to a neighbourhood always look out for affordable accommodation to lay their heads for the number of days they are expected to spend in the neighbourhood. This is due to the present economic hardship which has caused citizens to become conservative with their expenses.

Although cheap hotels help visitors achieve low budgets, the goal is not only on affordability, it is also expected that the hotels should provide at least an average comfort and hospitality that other hotels are more likely to give to their customers. So in a bid to decide on a suitable hotel to lodge, many questions are asked including pain shaking trials at different locations. Amid all this, the main question that most visitors to a neighbourhood always ask is how to find a proper hotel that would match their preference.

This article reveals 10 reliable websites where you can find good and affordable hotels in any part of Nigeria. The major cities covered include;



Port Harcourt










These websites will help you find the best hotels in the major cities of Nigeria.

How to Use the Websites to Select Hotels

The suggested websites have an easy-to-navigate interface which enables you to search for available hotels around. By typing in the search bar “hotels around me” you will be privy to a variety of options across Nigeria, you can further narrow the search to location for example a search on “hotels around Abuja” should give you options within FCT-Abuja. Another feature of the websites is the ability to search and view the hotel prices to ascertain whether they fall within your budget or supersede. 

By choosing from the aforementioned options you become prepared to transact with your choice hotels for the period.

How to Choose the Best Hotels

The main criteria for selecting hotels will be discussed in this article.

Security: This comes top of the list for every hotel in Nigeria due to the recent cases of armed robbery, kidnaps, banditry and ritual killings in some hotels. It is necessary to confirm the level of security in the hotel you are planning on lodging. The security facilities to look out for include; CCTV cameras, bulletproof doors, burglary proofs, excellent telephone or intercom services, firefighting equipment, armed or well-trained uniformed personnel and disciplined staffers.

Car Park: You don’t want to lodge in a hotel where every five minutes you are called out to re-park your vehicle to allow other customers to drive out of the premises due to insufficient parking space. This is also a security threat since customers may be constrained or delayed from hastily driving out in the event of a disaster or security breach within the hotel facilities.

Emergency/Panic Button and Exit Doors: The importance of the emergency/panic button is to prompt the management and security personnel of the hotel to respond speedily to the sound of the button. When the emergency button is triggered it makes dangerous sounds which should put all security personnel on alert and quickly check where the sound is coming from to correct the problem before harm is done.

Frequent Light: Good hotels are usually equipped with automatic regulated generators to ignite electricity when there is a power outage from the main grid such as IKEDC, EEDC etc.

Clean Environment: Good hotels should have enough staff to take care of the environment. The gardens should be kept tiny and frequently fumigated to prevent against inhibition of reptiles and harmful animals, breeding of mosquitoes should be prevented at all costs.

Frequency Replacement of Essential Amenities: This includes the replacement of bedspreads, pillowcases, soaps, towels, tissue papers, slippers, air fresheners, blankets, waste baskets etc. Customers should not be kept waiting too long for these essential items before they are provided.

Disinfecting Rooms/Suites: The rooms should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice daily whether occupied or not for the safety of customers. Visitors are quick to dispel hotels that hardly disinfect their rooms because of the health implications.

Ease of Transactions: There should be room for payment on the hotel portals or website where a receipt could be automatically generated without having to stand at the reception for hours. People go for hotels that allow upfront reservations with or without payments and the eventual payments online to secure the chosen room.

Card Locks: Nowadays, big hotels have stopped the use of keys for opening and locking doors, they now use automated cards with sensors to open or shut doors. Some even make use of thumb scanners or face recognition for access to the rooms. This helps to assure the users of an effective security system that guarantees safety.

Water and Heating Facilities: Water supply is the bedrock of hotels since almost every activity involves the use of water. Water is used to prepare meals, wash cars, wash clothes, wash clothes, gardening and lots more. The bathroom heating machines should also function properly to make the customers comfortable and happy during their stay.

Food, Bar and Recreational Facilities: Hotels with good bars, food, clubhouses, pool sites etc. tend to attract more patronage compared to the ones with fewer facilities. One is expected to have a bit of fun in the hotels aside from sleeping in the room all day. The facilities also provide an avenue for customers to meet other people from all works of life and build contacts and relationships from there.

The Hotel Business in Nigeria

Hotels are not full-time residential facilities, they are established as a business for short-term lodging. The history of hotels in Nigeria dates back to late 1999 during the troop in of a lot of foreign investors into the country and needed a place to lay their heads as they moved around the major cities to establish businesses and light industries.

The few hotels then were not enough to accommodate the large numbers of investors and having considered the amount of turnover one could accumulate within a short time some notable Nigerians started giving out their boys’ quarters, chalets and extra rooms to the foreign visitors for a fee. Because of its lucrative nature, it has over time turned into a major source of income for so many Nigerians which is why today, the hotel business is thriving in several big cities and towns.

What Are Hotels Used For?

People tend to use hotel services for the following reasons;

  1. To provide accommodation for first or second-time visitors to a city
  2. As relaxation spots for short vacations with family and friends
  3. For conferences, periodic meetings and events
  4. To provide recreational services to foreigners
  5. To house people who are stranded
  6. For political gatherings or meetings
  7. Used as wedding receptions and after-wedding hang-out
  8. For business meetings
  9. As venues to launch books and special services
  10. For sightseeing and other social gathering.

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