How to Be Eligible For Loan to Build Your House

Building a house is every man’s dream in Nigeria. Due to the incessant rising population coupled with the alarming high rents, people wish to build or buy themselves a house so they can live peaceably with their family without ever having to pay rent again or being harassed by a landlord over the late payment of rent.

There is a saying, “If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride on them”. On this note, it is very strange to find people wishing to become landlords or property owners without corresponding actions. Sometimes you may not be financially buoyant to buy or build a house, but have you been able to make any effort to secure funds for housing projects?

This is where the National Housing Funds come in, NHF is a Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Scheme where eligible members have access to loans to build or buy houses of their own from monies accumulated over time by contributors of the scheme.

The scheme allows low and medium-income earners who cannot buy or build houses to contribute 2.5 per cent of their monthly basic income which accumulates over time to qualify them for a loan at a reasonable interest rate and repayable over at least 30 years. Awesome right?

To have access to this loan there are basic requirements that you must meet;

  1. You must have an account with any Government Primary Mortgage Bank
  2. You must have been contributing to the National Housing Fund for at least 6months
  3. You must be gainfully employed, own a business, or render services which of course should be a stable job

Once these categories are met, you should make an effort to confirm whether you are eligible to access the NHF loan.

This article shows you how to check and confirm that you are eligible to get an NHF loan provided that you have met the requirements.

To check your eligibility click this link to fill out and submit the NHF Eligibility Form.

The form is into 12 sections where you will be required to input your information for review. These include;

The preamble where your Gmail address appears

The next is the Assessment box. You will be required to choose between FULL CHECK (to not only confirm eligibility but also to check entitlement amount and the application process) and MINI CHECK (which involves only confirmation of your eligibility for a loan).

In the name section, you are to type in your full name beginning with your surname as it appears on your most relevant means of identification.

The email section is compulsory to re-enter the email address where you would like to get notifications and updates.

The phone number section. Do well to include your country code +234 before keying in the remaining digits.

Date of birth section. This will tell NHF that you are up to or above 21 years old. You are to select from the drop-down your correct date, month, and year of birth as it appears on your birth certificate.

Next is to select your employment status. It is recommended that you tick FULL TIME in order not to indict yourself.

Your basic monthly salary. Make sure you have your bank statement of account handy at this point. The statement must be of the bank account where your salary is regularly paid, salaries must have been deposited at least within the last three months to be accepted.

Date of employment. You should make sure to have your letter of employment ready.

Indicate whether you are a contributor to NHF. It is expected that you are, anything other than this disqualifies you.


You will be asked to say your reason for applying for a loan

Then indicate how you got to know about the scheme

Click the submit button and wait for the NHFCheck team’s email.

An email will be sent to you via the email address you filled in the form, it will contain your eligibility status and other relevant information. If you fail to qualify for a loan, you will be offered a consultant to assist in putting you up to speed for future qualification for 3,500 naira only payable here.

I hope this article was helpful, for further information you can send a email to or visit the nearest NHF office in your city.

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