The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Infestation of cockroaches in our home could be very disturbing with lots of inconveniences one of which is sleepless nights due to the crawling, noise, and destruction caused by cockroaches.

The most annoying is having cockroaches creeping out from the dark areas to your living room when there are visitors in the house or perching/crawling in your dishes….it becomes more disgusting to find them in your foods or fruits. 


I recently came across an effective cockroach killer “Green Leaf Powder” for the total extinction of high cockroach infestation. This powder works magic and is sure to put a smile on your face when applied correctly.

Green Leaf Powder is a product of Suzhou Greenleaf Daily Commodity Co. Ltd, a Chinese company with NAFDAC No. A5-0580.

The cockroach killer not only kills stubborn cockroaches but also destroys their eggs and prevents them from hatching.

This is how to use it;

The sachet is sold for 200 Naira or less in any part of Nigeria. After purchase, rush back home and do the following.

  1. Identify the areas or corners of your house where cockroaches creep out from (especially in the dark corners of your kitchen, under the bed, behind the freezer, in your wardrobe, inside a shelf, bag or in your store).
  2. Clean up, and decongest the area to enable clear observation of the effect of this approach.
  3. Open the sachet and pour out the powder on the identified corners in your house (make sure enough powder is poured corner by corner).
  4. Isolate the area for some time so you don’t scare cockroaches away.

What Green Leaf will do?

After applying the aforementioned instructions, Green Leaf Powder will do the following;

  • It becomes a bait for cockroaches in your apartment
  • Cockroaches creeping out from the hideouts will be drawn to the position of the powder, once they come in contact with the bait (Green Leaf Powder), the cockroaches die mysteriously in seconds.
  • The beautiful thing about this is that the powder lures the cockroaches in their numbers and kills them instantly in that order.
  • For heavy cockroach infestation, you are advised to purchase at least 2 sachets of green leaf killer for quicker action.
  • No matter how infested your apartment is with cockroaches, after the application of the aforementioned processes in less than 3 days you will be happy you read this article.
  • This is also applicable to ants’ infestation.

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