Selling Roasted Corn Close to the Gutter

I’m sure you’ve noticed that most, if not all roasted corn sellers stay close to the gutter to transact.

While this might sound amusing to you, the roasted corn sellers themselves seem to be very comfortable with their position during business. There are several reasons why this is so:


Most corn sellers want to be visible enough to draw the attention of their customers particularly those driving past the streets. It is believed that to get the attention of potential customers they need to see what they will buy, some people like to examine the freshness of the roasted corn from a distance, some others would like to carry and weigh the corn to see how heavy they are and quite a few others like it partly burnt, to the customers, it’s a sign that the corn is well roasted and not half ready.


Due to the heat that comes out from the charcoal flames, it is wise to be in an open space where the breeze can move smoke in an opposite direction. Again, the air helps to burn out the charcoal.

Open Space:

Due to the large number of customers who patronize roasted corn sellers, there is a need to stay in an open and spacious environment to accommodate the large number of customers.

Ease of Waste Disposal:

You will notice that the majority of roasted corn sellers pack the outer layers of corn as well as corn stalks before disposal. A lot of times these wastes are thrown into the gutter, especially during rainfall.

Availability of Space:

Most roasted corn sellers don’t want to pay rent, they believe they are not making enough to pay any form of rent, therefore they move closer to the gutter far away from their compound.

To Forestall Fire Outbreak:

Corn sellers move away from properties and motor vehicles to prevent fire outbreaks. It is a precautionary measure by some sellers.

Ease of Sale:

They believe that the closer they are to their customers the faster they sell. A lot of people are always in a hurry to buy and go. Hence it is best to be closer to them for fast transactions.


There is a saying that when one engages in an activity and does well others would want to do the same to achieve similar results. I think the first set of roasted corn sellers started a business close to the gutter and others just followed suit.

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