How Nigeria Banking Hall Designs look like

The main responsibility of commercial banks is to accept deposits, disburse monies, process payments, issue bank drafts, and process cheques among other related bank activities. These are done in an organized manner and allow division of labour.

Every staff in the banking hall has a specified job they carry out, they are trained for it and supervised to ensure every assignment and responsibility is done swiftly and orderly. Banks in Nigeria have adopted building patterns in terms of aesthetics for easy identification by customers across the country. Apart from their unique names, banks also adopt brand colours and patterns.

These patterns are applied in all their branches and outlets. Generally, most banking halls have similar arrangement patterns. They are usually arranged in sections such as waiting area, counter and reception area, Customer service area, sitting area, bulk room and free area. Others include offices which comprises; Manger’s office, transfer room, vault room, strong room, store, general offices, toilets, dressing room, cafeteria, Conference room etc.

The external sections comprise; a car port, service area (ATM stands), security posts and free areas.

Sections behind most banks include a security quarter, carport (for staff), toilets, plant house, control room etc.

The bank building is usually fortified against severe temperature, fire resistant, waterproof, uneven settlement, armed robbery and burglary. Sophisticated Infrastructural facilities are installed to protect and secure monies and sensitive documents, these include; Security lights, CCTV cameras, fire fighting equipment, heavy-duty transformers and plants to forestall Electricity interruptions etc.

Furthermore, because of the hi-tech facilities and equipment, software and other tech machines used in the daily transactions within and between banks, robust security software, machines and personnel are engaged to safeguard customers’ databases, monies and other valuables.

The banking system is built as a fortress for the safety of valuables and continues to improve on its security measures to forestall scammers and internet fraudsters from breaking through.

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