Well Water, the Most Used

Well water is extracted from the underground layer of the soil. It is one of the traditional ways of sourcing natural water supply. It is used for all domestic purposes in a house. Getting water from a hole can be easy depending on the location, soil type or land terrain. Lowlands are adjudged to produce water quicker than upland due to land permeability.

Water produced from a hole can be fetched manually with the help of plastic or iron fetching cans (wheeled or pulled out from the centre or edge of the hole), it can also be pumped out with the use of a pumping machine also known as Sumo for circulation in the property.

Manual fetching from a well is cheaper than the use of a pumping machine, however, it is more stressful. Manual sourcing of well water is predominant in medium and high-density areas.

In as much as water from shallow or deep holes is natural, it is also the most rejected source by the elites due to the presence of dirt and tiny particles when not properly treated. The rich people go for pipe-borne from bore-holes despite the cost involved. The poor appreciate the well, it is the most used for household (domestic) purposes.

Uses of A Well

Well is used for the following purposes;

  1. It is used for washing dishes and vehicles
  2. It is used for bathing and flushing faeces
  3. It is used to water the gardens and wet the floor
  4. Farmers use it to wet the soil
  5. It is used in most local factories to flush out chemicals and cleaning

***It may not be used for cooking; it may not also be consumed for drinking

How to Clean A Shallow Well

Well can be kept clean in the following ways:

  1. By use of alum
  2. By use of filters
  3. Dislodging the well to enable fresh water to sip out
  4. By sanitizing the well
  5. Protect the well by covering the top
  6. Disinfecting the well with a strong chloride solution to destroy microbes
  7. Connecting a surface tap to dispense water for public use

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