How to Befriend Your Landlord’s Wife

A lot of tenants wish to befriend your landlord’s wife for so many reasons; to some, they feel that it will give them some sort of leverage over the other tenants which could influence a significant reduction in their annual rents paid.

Others just want to be close to their landlord’s wife to build good relationships and share thoughts. Whichever category you fall into, these tips will help you successfully win your landlord’s wife over. 

Firstly, to befriend means to make friends or become friendly with somebody. It is the act of being close to someone with the same or sometimes varying ideologies.

If you want to befriend your landlord’s wife, start by paying your rent frequently and obeying the rules and regulations of your house. Attend your compound meeting and always make contributions at every public gathering organized by either your landlord or his wife.

Be consistent with these and wait for your landlord’s wife to notice you, try as much as possible to be involved in every activity of your compound, and when roles are shared make sure you have one and perform yours diligently. Before long you will become a topic between your landlord and his wife.

Take advantage of festive periods to buy her a gift, be the first to send her new month messages and mark her birthdays.

She will start liking you, both of you will become closer by the day and she will start sharing some of her secrets with you. But be careful so that your landlord won’t find out because he may become jealous and serve you a quit notice.

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