How Indiscriminate Dumps Defaces Houses

An indiscriminate dump is the act of dropping refuse in the open space without authorization and adequate supervision from Lagos State Waste Management Authorities (LAWMA). Refuse disposed on roadsides and gutters can hurt the health of residents and the houses within the subject neighbourhood.

When solid wastes are thrown in waste bags or buckets, it is expected that after some time they should be trashed properly in disposable bags for carriage by waste management workers to cart away. Unfortunately, a lot of wastes are left unattended for a very long period hence creating an eyesore for residents and passers-by. Properties affected by illegal waste disposal end up losing potential tenants as no one would want to live in a dirty environment.

Some neighbourhoods in Lagos such as Oshodi, Surulere, Agege, Ajamgbadi, Mushin, Igomu, Iyana-Ipaja, Ajegunle, Orile, Ayobo etc are good examples of areas where indiscriminate dumps influence user-demand preference. People don’t want to stay in dirty neighbourhoods; the majority would prefer to pay more rent in moderate and environmentally friendly neighbourhoods than in areas with poor environmental care and attention.

Apart from the loss of property value, buildings are messed up and defaced in areas with uncontrollable illegal refuse dumps. Sometimes a lot of these dumps are caused by passengers in moving vehicles, hawkers and roadside traders causing incessant pollution to the detriment of the comfort of residents particularly children who are fragile and easy to contract diseases.

Houses that are defaced due to hips of refuse abandoned beside their fences and in drainages are mostly occupied by like minds that show less concern for the physical looks of the buildings where they live.

Effects of indiscriminate dumps on houses

The following are some of the outcomes of hipping wastes around places of abode.

  1. It discourages potential tenants from renting affected houses
  2. It creates an environmental nuisance
  3. It attracts unserious tenants
  4. It causes buildings to deteriorate quicker
  5. It increases the cost of building maintenance
  6. It causes a loss of property value
  7. It causes a loss of rent
  8. It increases property void
  9. It leads to property abandonment
  10. Habitation of rodents and harmful reptiles
  11. Pollutes the surroundings with harmful odour
  12. Contamination of air which causes difficulty in breathing
  13. Increases ailing tenants
  14. Increases environmental degradation
  15. Pollution of well water
  16. Loss of habit and plant death
  17. Causes flooding due to blocked drainages

Solutions to Indiscriminate Dumps

If the following recommendations are adhered to, there is a high chance of improving or restoring the house to its original condition.

  1. Regular observation of environmental sanitation
  2. Obedience to by-laws relating to environmental health
  3. Engagement of professional property managers
  4. Not defaulting in the annual renewal of LAWMA bills
  5. Carting away filled waste bags
  6. Accepting only responsible tenants
  7. Provision of adequate waste bags
  8. Reviewing environmental protection habits
  9. Allowing solid waste disposal only in designated locations
  10. Clearing of drainages and repairs of collapsed gutters

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