Become Your Landlord’s Best Friend

Every landlord has a favourite tenant, the tenant that supplies him with information when he is away, and the one tenant that can advise the landlord on comparable rent passing on other neighbouring properties, that one tenant that the landlord exempts when rents are being reviewed upwards.

To become your landlord’s best friend there 5 things you should do.

Be The Every Tenant’s Man: Other tenants will appreciate you when you stand out often in solving problems that arise from time to time. Such as preempting the property owner on issues that could affect the entire property and co-tenants negatively such as indication of electrical faults, flooding or decay of building components. 

Take Up Responsibilities in Your Compound: Handling basic property responsibilities on behalf of the landlord or tenants such as organizing others to contribute electricity money to offset outstanding or future bills, application and follow-up of Waste Management Authority to cart away solid wastes to avoid a surcharge.

Provide Your Landlord With Honest Information: Property owners appreciate tenants who go out of their way to provide useful information that would improve the overall position of the property. Such information as the current rental trend, incidence of squatting, internal disputes and recommendations on maintenance strategy delights landlords and makes them closer to such tenants.

Pay Your Rent on Time: No landlord would want to be friends with debtors. Being consistent in offsetting your arrears of rent brings your landlord closer to you and provides a window for leverage or consideration if you encounter challenges in meeting up with a future rent.

Respect Your Landlord: Some tenants exhibit insolent attitudes towards their landlord; they are always ready to pick a fight particularly if they appear richer than the property owner or fully paid their rents. Respect is something all tenants should give to their landlords irrespective of their present societal or traditional status.

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